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Astrology Readings

“ When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be. ” - Dane Rudhyar



Astrology is a profound tool that can be used to provide objectivity to our life. This bird’s-eye-view perspective is so valuable because usually we can not see the totality of ourselves or our reality because we are “in” it.


During an Astrology reading, we take the time to solely focus on you; your life story, your personality, your inner strengths and weaknesses, your fears and desires, your blindspots and your gifts, your relationships and your work. We explore your past, present and future based on the elemental energetics and planetary alignments.


The gift of Astrology is the Universal, Archetypal symbolism which stirs our unconscious and conscious to collaborate wider personal perspectives. Astrology can assist in a deeper relationship with our unique, energetic makeup.


  • 90min Deep Dive: This reading includes a full, in depth analysis of your natal chart and a transit forecast.

  • 60min Future Forecast: This reading includes a look at your current and yearly transits along with progressions and other timing techniques

  • 75min Two person synastry: This reading is great for romantic couples, family members, friends or business partners. We explore the dynamic in's-and-out's between the chart's of two people. 

About my Astrology practice

I was first introduced to my personal Astrology chart in 2009. From there I dedicated my free time learning and exploring the craft of reading and working with Astrology. I am mainly self taught but have also completed online courses in Evolutionary Astrology as well as Hellenistic tradition. I have been reading charts professionally since 2018

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